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Hotel manager CV tips and guidance

Experience is invaluable in the hospitality sector, so if you’re applying for hotel manager jobs, you need to make sure that your employment history is presented in a way that will impress recruiters. Whether you’re hoping to step up from a role as assistant manager or want to shift from a management role at small hotel to something more challenging at an international chain, it’s crucial to refresh your CV before sending over your application.

Let’s look at some of the key things you need to include in your CV in order to get the attention of the people who matter. To get you on the right track, we’ve also included a free hotel manager resume template to download and use as inspiration.

Tips for writing a hotel manager CV

Recruiters in the hospitality business will be looking for general evidence of your customer service skills, as well as more specific proof of your management abilities. When applying for hotel manager jobs, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by providing specific examples that show how you’ve achieved and surpassed targets, boosted profits and increased room occupancy rates.   

Offer evidence of tangible achievements

The most important thing to include in any CV is evidence of your achievements. Rather than just listing responsibilities for each job you’ve done, show how you’ve excelled in your previous roles with specific examples. This will leave new employers confident that you’ll be able to achieve and drive results for them, too.

Say you currently work as a front of house supervisor, but now wish to shift up to a more senior role managing an entire hotel. In your achievements section, describe how you oversaw a team of ten front of house staff and improved customer satisfaction scores by 15%. This kind of evidence will show your new employer you have the transferable skills that mean you’ll thrive in a more senior role.

A meaningful personal statement

A personal statement is a short paragraph at the top of your CV that explains who you are, highlights some of your experience and outlines your ambitions. The tricky thing with personal statements in the hospitality sector is to avoid writing generic fluff, such as “dedicated to providing the highest standards of customer service”. Because, of course, this is the goal of anyone working in hospitality.

Instead, take some time to reflect on why you feel you are particularly good at what you do. Maybe you excel at motivating people. Perhaps you’re great at spotting the weaknesses in a hotel’s operations and turning them around. Or, it might be that you have a knack for coming up with interesting ways of marketing your establishments and getting more guests through the door. This is all about finding your personal unique selling point. Doing so will make you stick out in the minds of hiring managers, in turn increasing the likelihood of being invited in for interview.

Match your CV to the job ad

Different hotels will require very different managerial skills, so it’s important to match up the way you present yourself on your CV to the job at hand. This isn’t about completely rewriting it for each job, but rather about making tweaks to give yourself a competitive edge.

You might find it helpful to write a ‘master CV’, which could be three or four pages long, and which lists every single responsibility and achievement in past roles. You then only need to remove irrelevant skills for each job you apply for, bringing it down to a maximum of two pages before submitting your application.

Perhaps in your last role you managed a boutique business hotel and are now applying for two new jobs: one as a hotel manager at an international tourist-focused chain and the other at a UK business travel chain. You can use different parts of your experience at your last job to tailor them to the roles you’re applying for. Here’s how it might look:

  • For the international job: include examples of working with employees from different countries, your language skills and how you improved scores on TripAdvisor
  • For the business hotel job: include examples of a time you responded to increased demand around a business conferences by hiring temporary staff


Hotel manager resume example

Click here to download our free hotel manager CV template as Microsoft Word (.doc):


MS doc


Your Name
07712 345 678
Example Street, Example Town, Example City, EX4 3PL


~~~~~~~~~~ PERSONAL STATEMENT ~~~~~~~~~~

I am a performance-focused hotel manager with a strong track record of improving room occupancy rates, reducing costs and increasing guest satisfaction scores across the board. My passion lies in developing effective strategies that improve the overall customer experience and boost the company’s reputation. With over 12 years’ experience in the hotel industry, of which seven have been as a hotel manager, I am highly motivated and ambitious, and am now looking for an exciting new challenge at a nationwide brand.    


  • Ability to ‘turn around’ struggling establishments
  • Strategic thinker
  • Capable and confident when taking large decisions
  • Strong communicator


~~~~~~~~~~ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~~


Hotel Manager

Roadside Hotels | Norwich |


UK-wide business hotel chain

  • Implement strategies to improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Was specifically tasked with improving ratings


  • Improved ratings from 4.5/10 to 8.6/10 in 24 months
  • Increased revenue by 12% and return custom by 8%
  • Introduced a new staff bonus and training scheme to increase motivation
  • Terminated ineffective employees and hired replacements

Hotel Manager

Roadside Hotels | Cambridge |


UK-wide business hotel chain

  • Implement a new sales and marketing strategy
  • Turn around the hotel’s low room occupancy rate


  • Increased average room occupancy from 60% to 75% in 12 months through flexible pricing initiatives
  • Launched a successful monthly Cambridge business networking event which attracted speakers and attendees from across Cambridgeshire, increasing room, bar and restaurant sales


Front of house supervisor

The University Hotel | Cambridge |


Boutique hotel targeted at international tourists visiting Cambridge

  • Managing daily operations
  • Supervising staff and resolving customer problems


  • Recommended the hiring of two Mandarin-speaking customer service assistants which helped resolve communication problems with Chinese guests
  • Customer satisfaction ratings increased by 20% during my time in charge of this department


~~~~~~~~~~EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS~~~~~~~~~~


Hotel Management degree

University of Midtown (2005)

A Levels: Business Administration (A), French (B), Geography (B)

Midtown college




  • Hotel Manager’s Diploma, Cambridge Adult Learning Centre (2010)
  • First Aid certificate (2017)
  • Hotel Software Training certificate (2016)




  • Microsoft Office proficient


~~~~~~~~~~PERSONAL INTERESTS~~~~~~~~~~


  • Running
  • History
  • Archery


Reference available on request

  • When you’ve finished writing your CV, upload it to our database where prospective employers can match you to their hotel management roles.

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