Four steps to a new job

Four steps to a new job

Four Steps to a New Job


Welcome to the "Four Steps to a New Job" feature. We've broken down the process of applying and getting into the workplace with a few (four to be exact) helpful links in each section that should help you get started.

Getting your CV Ready

It's a brand new year. Time to gather up all that experience from 2010 and polish up those critical pages of A4.

- Revamp your CV for the new year: Learn how you can use your achievements and success stories from the previous year and really make them count.

- 5 steps to make your CV stand out: It's easy to pack in too much information and before you know it, you're typing on page 4 with paragraphs of text. Follow these 5 simple steps for maximum impact.

- Phrases to avoid on your CV – Video: Using certain generic phrases on your CV will not only take up valuable real-estate but also stop your personality from shining through.

- Awesome words to use on your CV: When it comes to a CV - certain words can really make this document more impactful. Here's our "alphabetical" list.


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Searching High and Low

With your CV up to date and ready as ever, it's time to find the job you feel you'd be perfect for.

- Industries to consider: Here are just a few industries you may wish to look into before taking the plunge. After all, a little research can really go a long way.

- Find hidden vacancies : Having an eagle eye for the job market can greatly boost your chances of landing the role you want. Leave no stone un-turned.

- Stay motivated during a job search – Video : Often a good "tailored to role" application can be quite time-consuming and it's important to know how to keep your spirits high.

- Planning your job search: Your CV is fuelled up and ready to go. Forming a well thought out strategy can help make the search process smoother in the long run.


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Interview Ammo

Success! A call to really strut your stuff for the employer. But let's not go unprepared...

- Virtual job interview : See how you respond to our selected interview questions and what the panel has to say about it.

- Calming job interview nerves – Video: You may know every fact about your potential employer, but being in control of your moment can help with that important first impression.

- Answering common interview questions – Video(s) : Here's a compilation of some videos answering the more common questions you may face.

- Assessment centre tips : While one to one interviews are common, you may be asked to attend an assessment centre and knowing the structure to these can be invaluable.


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and then there was...

Congratulations you made it into the workplace and it's time to show them what you're made of:

- The basics of networking: Making connections in or outside of the workplace can be a great aid in learning the in's and out's of your chosen profession.

- Integrate yourself into a new team: Entering a pre-existing team can be like entering a family. Acceptance will be based on time but you can also make use of these useful tips.

- Handling your new boss: If a new management style differs vastly from something you were used to, some flexibility on your part may be needed to have zen in the workplace.

- Day one in your new job – Video: How can you settle in and keep those nervous laughs to a minimum. This link holds some possible suggestions.


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Feeling confident about putting together a newly polished CV? Upload or create a new one on Monster and let employers come to you.