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Five signs it's time to go back to school

Five signs it's time to go back to school

Learning is often the key to career advancement.

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For many people who are stuck in a rut in their job, going back to school can be the answer. By returning to the classroom you can:

  • Build a foundation
  • Retrain
  • Gain confidence
  • Fulfil your potential

Build a foundation

People often refer to a glass ceiling which they cannot break through and reach the upper levels of an organisation. Sometimes this is down to unknown factors which are hard to see – hence the use of the term 'glass'. However, in your case it may be a more straightforward lack of education or training that is the issue.

Perhaps you come up for promotion against better qualified people all the time? If so, you should consider plugging any gaps in your educational background with some classes. Maths, English and IT skills all often tend to be prerequisites for employers these days no matter what industry you happen to work in, so these are the ones to focus on first which will help you to break through.


Changing career path is not easy even if you have the right qualifications from school to do so and could learn the rest on the job. This may be because you lack experience in the area of work you want to move into. In such cases, one of the best things you can do is to retrain at a college even if it is just a refresher course.

Any retraining you do might not need to mean that you are fully qualified to do a new job, but it will show you have the aptitude for your chosen new career and it will make potential employers more confident about taking you on.

Gain confidence

Sometimes heading back to the classroom is not so much about the qualification that you might get out of it, but about gaining reassurance in your own abilities. Perhaps you rule yourself out for certain jobs in the workplace because you think you lack the skill or education. All too often people do themselves down in later life because of an unkind word or two from a teacher in childhood.

 By going back to school you may well surprise yourself at how well you can do. This will allow you to make great strides in the workplace.

Fulfil your potential

Even if you are happy in your job and think that you have a career path that is accessible, it is possible that you are not truly achieving your potential. Maybe your career is moving, but not as fast as you would like. Perhaps your salary is not what you would like it to be or won't be in a few years’ time. In cases like these, some formal education can make all the difference and help you to take the steps necessary to increase your earning and fulfil your true career potential.

Heading back to school is not a retrogressive step that will get in the way of your job. Education can often be combined with work and will frequently open up a world of possibilities which will help you to enhance your career.

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