Master Difficult Situations

Master Difficult Situations

What to do when it gets difficult? DO NOT GIVE UP! 

Didn’t get that job, messed up in a job interview, froze in a big presentation or simply not meeting your own expectations? Errors happen, they are human - yes, they are unpleasant and don’t make you feel great, but the important thing is to not let them get you down. What many people often forget is that everyone has felt like this before - even those who are at the top today.


Fault Management


Being right all the time would be great, as it would show we have nothing left to learn. But no one is right all the time, everyone makes mistakes – we are human, mistakes are normal, it’s about how you learn from the mistakes you make and improve that is important. 


Yes, make a mistake


Failure is human and we can learn a lot from our setbacks. Mistakes give us the opportunity to learn and often lead finding a new method and recognise faster and smarter ways to work. How to acknowledge your own failure, how to handle it, and how to ultimately exploit mistakes is discussed by our experts in the articles below:



It did not work


It’s happened. You got home from an interview that you thought went well and you receive the phone calling saying that unfortunately you were not successful this time. You’ve gone from a high to a low in a matter of seconds and your confidence has been knocked and you feel you are back to square one. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. You should be asking yourself (and the interviewer if possible) why you were declined, and then working to improve those areas so you can be successful in your next interview. This process of learning from your mistakes is incredibly powerful and will be the key to progressing your career. We have put together some articles to help you through this process:



Solve Conflicts


A successful team is cohesive, everyone has a good relationship and each person knows the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues. A strong team will not only be successful, but it will also learn from its mistakes without causing animosity among its members. Unfortunately, there are times in the workplace where everyone might not agree and there maybe conflicts, it is important to remain calm in heated situations and to objectively address what bothers you. We have put together the below articles on how to manager conflict in the workplace.