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Business IT security policies needs updating

Business IT security policies needs updating

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Businesses have been urged to update their IT security policies to ensure they don't fall victim to cybercrime.

Rising levels of hacker attacks has put a definite focus on both software and infrastructure security measures in the industry and this shift in focus could be having a beneficial effect on IT security jobs recruitment in the UK.

Ian Shaw, managing director of MWR Infosecurity, said that system-level solutions are not the only way to tackle IT security threats.

He claimed that businesses must make sure that new recruits - even those who have not been taken on to fill IT jobs - are up to scratch with their internal IT security policies.

"Many of these attacks are a combination of technical attacks [which] use quite specific exploits and a form of social engineering where they are targeting specific employees of companies," he added.

Mr Shaw's comments follow a report from internet security firm McAfee, which showed that hackers are using online attacks to get hold of proprietary information and trade secrets, and sell them on to third parties.


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