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Bring Your Dog to Work

Bring Your Dog to Work

Here at Monster we believe in better. Work should be a place you enjoy, feel happy and sometimes a place where you can bring your favourite furry friend. There are many reasons why dogs in the workplace make the office a nicer place to be. Don’t just take our word for it…

Bertie goes into the office with Nikki Hamblin, Account Director

I love having Bertie in the office because he keeps me calm and I get unlimited hugs. I also get way more visitors to my desk throughout the day when Bertie is around, can’t think why…

Scout goes into the office with Joe Leveridge, Site R & D Manager

Scout is often greeted before me! He is an office favourite and everyone always comes up to pet him or ask to take him for a walk as a break from work. Being able to continue his training at work has been fundamental to Scout’s development and I am hugely grateful that I have been able to do this. He is now so well behaved that he even comes on stage with me for business presentations.

Elwood goes into the office with Lisa Langridge, Marketing Director

Elwood is the office celebrity! I’ve been bringing him into the office two to three times a week since he was four and a half months old. It’s brilliant that I am able to maintain that companionship at work. Elwood is superb at helping me deal with the stress of everyday life and always manages to put a smile not just on my face but the faces of everyone else in the office

Ted goes into the office with Georgina Harrison, Consumer Care Manager

Ted is a very vocal boy, which makes people laugh, and he is the most loving dog I know. I’m so happy that he enjoys coming into the office just as much as I do!




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