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Being proactive makes work a pleasanter place

Being proactive makes work a pleasanter place

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There's no denying that some offices can become gloomy places, but with a bit of effort employees can help transform the atmosphere into one which makes it pleasant to go into work each day.

According to Ruth Spellman, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, being proactive in the workplace can lead to better morale and ultimately a happier working day.

She said that staff who want to alter an uninspiring atmosphere should not wait for their manager to make suggestions and take the initiative themselves.

"What kind of dialogue needs to be happening in a company? Don't wait to be asked, be proactive in your approach and also develop yourself," she added.

Ms Spellman's comments follow research from SimplyHealth which found that one in five workers think their workplace has changed in the past year – and not for the better.

There was a general sense that employers care less about staff needs, with increased workloads and greater stringency on time off for medical appointments being flagged up by employees.


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