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Become a Monster: Find Better

Become a Monster: Find Better

Become a Monster

Nothing gets in the way of a Monster...

At Monster our mission is, and has always been, to connect job seekers with jobs and employers with talent. We want to enable everyone to 'Find Better' by not only connecting people, but also championing people to find what they truly want to do, and what they need to do to achieve it.

To reflect this, and complement our ongoing focus on championing #TechTalent we have launched the ‘Become a Monster’ campaign, featuring stories of how people overcame objections or barriers by becoming a 'Monster' and getting the career they wanted and deserved.



Monster's 2016 radio & digital ads: Reaching over 40 million people in the UK

The "Monster" stories will feature in 30 and 10 second radio adverts, forming part of a heavyweight nationwide radio campaign, reaching over 57% of the UK population. Continuing with the new 30, 10 and 5 second video animations and digital display creative that brings these stories to life which will run on YouTube (bumper and TrueView ads) and Spotify (audio stories in rotation and also new sponsored stories where users can watch our new videos to get access to 30 minutes of ad free music), as well as Facebook, Twitter and the Google Display Network.

Monster will also have the Newslink solus spot every Sunday and Monday for the duration of the campaign. This is the first ad after the news and offers the largest national broadcast opportunity outside of TV, with 263 stations across the UK.

In addition, the new ten second audio creatives highlight a selection of Monster customers and their job opportunities on the site. These include Holland & Barrett, Barclays, Fedex, Tesla Motors, Sky and Flight Centre, to showcase the range of companies and jobs on offer at


Listen to the radio ads

Click on the images below to hear the latest ads.


Tech Woman   Apprentice Guy
Digital Ad Woman   Finance Guy


Did you know 40% of the UK consumes radio digitally?

More people are consuming audio content through connected devices such as phones, tablets and desktop players. 17m people stream digital audio content every week in the UK. By serving ads across Spotify and other digital audio we can reach a wider audience and share our 'Become a Monster: Find Better' message.

Listen out on stations such as: Capital FM, Heart FM, and Radio X as well as Spotify to hear the radio ads across the UK.


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