Account manager CV example

When your application for your next account manager job lands in the hiring manager’s inbox, the first thing they’re likely to do is skim read your CV. So, what are they looking for?

More than anything, they want proof that you can build relationships, increase revenue from your accounts, communicate well and that you have all the right industry knowledge. Therefore, make sure your CV clearly provides evidence of your skills in these areas – they want to see clear examples, backed up with facts. This will mean they go from skimming your CV to reading it in depth and putting you at the top of the pile for interviews.

To help you write a CV that will start landing you interviews, we’ve put together our top account manager CV tips, as well as a free template for you to make your own

How to Write an Account Manager CV

Here are our essential tips for writing a CV with maximum impact.

Write a killer personal statement

Your personal statement is a short paragraph that tops your CV and gives an overview of your career and experience so far. This needn’t be as tailored to the job as your cover letter, but if there are any especially relevant experiences in your career that match up to the job requirements make sure you add them in.

Read the job ad over again and work out what experience or skills the hiring manager is prioritising – whether it’s knowledge of a sector like IT, ability to manage relationships in the government sector, or a background in working with start-ups.

Say the job requires someone who’s managed accounts with blue chip FMCG companies and you have that experience, highlight it again in your personal statement. Something like: “Successful executive with long experience building relationships with major FMCG clients…”


Highlight achievements and examples of growth

It’s common to make the mistake of simply listing out responsibilities on a CV. However, hiring managers are much more interested in reading credible examples of your achievements – they want evidence that you’ve delivered for past employers, and will therefore be able to deliver for them too.

Perhaps in a previous role you oversaw a key account and grew sales by 50% during your tenure. Including these kinds of quantifiable details in your CV will really mark you out from the crowd.

If you’re just breaking into account management positions, you can still do this. Perhaps in a previous sales position you focused on one particular customer and boosted revenue by a significant amount – this kind of detail will give hiring managers proof you can transition to an account management role.


Include sector-specific knowledge

Many account manager job descriptions mention that they prefer applicants with relevant industry knowledge. So, if you’re applying for a job at a large IT company and have worked in account management roles for IT businesses in the past, make sure you include this information in your personal statement, skills and in the specific job section.

If you’re shifting into a slightly different role and don’t necessarily have direct experience, you can still provide evidence of your enthusiasm for the topic. Perhaps you want to manage accounts at a large business but have so far only worked at start-ups – you can still find parallels between the business models. Maybe a client of your last employer was a major industry leader – highlight that this gave you an insight into the workings of larger businesses.


Show you have the key skills of an account manager

As an account manager, you’re probably not a shrinking violet. Make sure your CV reflects that! Show that you’re a great relationship builder and are outgoing. Mention that you are signed up to membership organisations, that you are a mentor to younger employees or that you play on a sports team. These kind of background details prove you really are a people person capable of building relationships, are a self-starter and know how to communicate well.


Account manager CV examples

Click here to download our free account manager CV template ​as Microsoft Word (.doc):

MS doc

Jane Smith
07712 345 678
Example Street, Example Town, Example City, EX4 3PL

~~~~~~~~~~ PERSONAL STATEMENT ~~~~~~~~~~

With 20 years’ experience managing accounts for global management consultancies, I am now pivoting my career to develop my passion for entrepreneurship and tech and am keen to bring my expansive industry experience to innovative start-ups in the fintech space.

I have long experience of building relationships with buyers in government, large multinational businesses and charities, growing revenue and creating new initiatives to further enhance revenue opportunities. I am a self-starter, strong communicator and expert negotiator looking to bring my skills and knowledge to an ambitious business.


  • Confident self-starter with proven relationship building skills
  • Operates well under pressure
  • Knowledge of the finance sector and how to build relationships right along the value chain
  • Technical skills and comfortable using all popular CRMs including Salesforce

~~~~~~~~~~ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~~

Key Account Manager

Consultiex | London |


Top 5 global management consultancy with £30b annual revenue.

  • Managed 5 key accounts for the business tax advice department
  • Tasked with growing accounts and building relationships


  • Grew all accounts, including bringing in new business worth £25m from one client in a year
  • Initiated and helped run a conference on tax technology which boosted the company’s profile


Account manager

Consultaris PLC | Geneva |


Leading European management consultancy with 5,000 employees.

  • Account lead for five IT accounts
  • Develop business and grow revenue


  • Developed a proposal which won £10m of new business from an account
  • Built a relationship with a new client that turned into a regular new account


Sales manager

GSC IT Biz | Manchester |


Large Systems Integrator with major government customers

  • Selling and upselling solutions to leading accounts


  • Increased repeat sales from the Department for Transport
  • Topped annual sales revenue board at the company three years in a row

~~~~~~~~~~EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS~~~~~~~~~~

MSc Management Studies (2:1)
University of London

BSc Busines Studies (2:1)
University of Liverpool

A-Levels: Business Studies (B), Maths (C), German (B)
Washwood Heath Technology College

10 GCSEs including Maths (A), Business Studies (B), ICT (C)
Wolverhampton Secondary School


  • Key Account Management qualification from CIM: 2005
  • MEMBERSHIPS: Member of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) since 2001


  • German : fluent

~~~~~~~~~~ PERSONAL INTERESTS ~~~~~~~~~~

●  Football – member of local team ●  Squash ●  Travel

Reference available on request