Questions to ask in an internship interview

Questions to ask in an internship interview

You may have just finished school and are looking for an internship over summer or just graduated and looking for an internship to learn more about your dream career. Interviewing for an internship is a little different than interviewing for a permanent job. One thing will remain the same, you’ll probably be invited to ask your prospective employer questions at some point—and you should be prepared to ask some good ones.

Here are five questions you can ask in your internship interview that will make you look smart and engaged:

How have you managed interns in the past?


Asking about the company’s past experience with interns will give you more information about what they will expect from you. The question not only shows that you view the internship as a way to develop your skills but also to help the company. In addition, the answers will help you figure out if the company sees the internship as an opportunity for you to learn, or simply someone to make the coffees.

With whom will I be working?


In some companies, interns are assigned to work for a specific person or department, while in others they’re grouped together. In group scenarios, interns may not have a chance to establish a good relationship with a mentor, or may only get a high-level view of the organisation. On the other hand, if you are with a group of interns they are likely to be around your age so can often result in a more sociable internship.

How will you evaluate my performance?


Expressing your interest in feedback will help show you’re interested in learning, and constantly seeking to better yourself. Ask what tasks or skills you may be evaluated on, and who will be performing your evaluations, so you can check in with this person throughout your internship.

What is the company culture like?


Company culture is super important today. Many big companies like Google and Facebook want to attract top talent and go a long way to appeal to them. There is no shame in asking if there are any additional work perks, that way you might hear about the monthly social that the company organises, or the early finish on a Friday.

How often do internships turn into full-time jobs?


It's never too early to find out whether the company considers interns as potential employees. Some companies will offer their interns a full-time position if they do a great job, and that’s an attractive feature for most of us. If they don’t do this it is worth finding out sooner rather than later, so you can plan for the future.