Where to find online courses to boost your profile

Learn new skills and make yourself more marketable to employers

Where to find online courses to boost your profile

There's a course online to help you

Qualifications can be costly, but there's an entire world of free, or nearly free, world-class education at your fingertips.

During Lockdown, online learning platforms have reported significant increases in enrolments.

Whether you want to learn for fun, for distraction, or towards a qualification, here are just some of the great available resources. You can learn new skills, and make yourself more marketable to employers by taking free or low-cost online classes at home.Here's a roundup of some of the most popular online learning communities, with some notes on the classes they offer.  


Trailhead is Salesforce's free online learning platform, that can teach you the business, tech and soft skills to make your career successful. There are hundreds of guided learning paths - bite-size modules are gamified and can include live and on-demand video.  There is also the possibility to network with mentors and employers. While many of the modules are salesforce orientated, from building applications to learning in-depth analytics and solutions, there are a wide range of topics to help you develop in-demand skills including how to cultivate equality at work, develop leadership strategies and how to succeed during Covid-19!


Looking to learn a hobby or new skill for work? The range with Udemy is impressive - you can learn everything from web design, pet care, to dance, accounting and fashion. With over 57,000 instructors and 150,000 online courses ro choose from. Many courses are free, and the courses that have a cost all come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the site frequently offers sales. If you are looking to boost your career prospects, here is our top pick on where to get started - 


The Open University has free courses in Science, the Arts, The Environment, Languages, Politics and Law and other subjects. This is the OU's contribution to the OER project - Open Educational Resources,  Courses range from a just couple of hours' duration to over 50 hours' teaching. Free courses include - 


FutureLearn has courses from multiple institutions. Many you can take for four weeks for free. Other levels are available to access classes for longer including certificates and credit towards degree programs.


Edx gives you access to 2500+ online courses from 140 of the top institutions in the world including Oxford, Notre Dame, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Sorbonne, Imperial College London, CalTech and others. Some of their online courses that will boost your employability include - 



There are now over 3,000 TED Talks available for you to watch for free on all sorts of subjects. If you want to know 

there is so much rich content available.