Monster Career Confidence

Monster Career Confidence

Having confidence in the workplace is just as important as having competence. We have collated expert tips, articles, and how to guides, so that you can show ‘Monster Confidence’ in your professional life!


Find out what you want 


What are your career dreams and aspirations? How do you go about achieving them? These are questions that we often ask ourselves, and for many of us the answers can change quite regularly. Whether your answer is work-life balance, job satisfaction, or getting that all-important pay rise, we’ve all been at the point where we wish to be able to clearly and confidently define what we want, and how to get it. 

Our experts have compiled several resources to help you identify your strengths and build the necessary self-confidence to utilise them. Follow this link to learn more 


Get the most out of every situation 


In the workplace, there are many situations in which healthy self-esteem and confidence can make a positive difference to your career. Maybe you got involved in a project and think you should have got extra praise or a promotion for your effort? Or maybe you’re a boss and have to deal with a difficult employee? These topics are a big challenge for every employer and employee.

In this section we have created articles on how to prepare properly, be confident and get the most out of every situation put in front of you. Follow this link to learn more 


Do not give up 


What to do when it gets difficult? DO NOT GIVE UP!

Didn’t get that job, messed up in a job interview, froze in a big presentation or simply not meeting your own expectations? Mistakes happen, they are human - yes, they are unpleasant and don’t make you feel great, but the important thing is to not let them get you down. What many people often forget is that everyone has felt like this before - even those who are at the top today.

Our experts have compiled several resources to help you when you are facing difficult situations and how failing can actually be a success. Follow this link to learn more 


Together we are stronger 


“Oh I get by with a little help from my friends” are the famous Beatles lyrics and couldn’t be more true when it comes to mentoring and networking. As humans we are innately social beings. Having good people around us to support us and guide us is crucial for our career development.

In this section we have put together articles on how to benefit from mentoring and hints on tips on how to build and manage a professional network to develop your career. Follow this  link to learn more 


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