Mentors and networking for self-confidence

Mentors and networking for self-confidence

“Oh I get by with a little help from my friends” are the famous Beatles lyrics, and couldn’t be more true when it comes to mentoring and networking. As humans we are innately social beings. Having good people around us to support us and guide us is crucial for our career development.

A strong network of friends, family, peers and mentors is important to develop and advance professionally and personally. There are many ways to reach your career goals and seeking advice from the all different people in your life can help you to develop and move forward. Our experts want to support you and give you tips on how to build your network and to use it properly to your advantage. Because the fact is: together you can achieve more. You become more confident, And the need to do so has been recently revealed in our World of Work study, in which 58 percent of respondents who do not currently have a mentor say they want one, but they don’t know how to find one.




A mentor is an experienced trusted adviser for your professional career. More than that, you’ll discover the unexpected benefits of mentoring and how you’ll feel happier – both at work and in your personal life. They’ll help you gain self-awareness, respect your colleagues more and become a better team player. For information on the benefits of having a mentor, or how to become a mentor yourself, we have compiled a few articles to help you on this journey:





Those who have access to a good network have already won half of the battle. Never has it been so important in your professional life to be well connected with your peers. But what looks and sounds so simple can be a lot of work: contacts have to be made, maintained, and nurtured. You also need to present yourself and your strengths in a positive way, as connections are give and take – someone is much more likely to network with you if they feel they can get something positive from it. For advice on networking see below: