Looking After Your Mental Health in Lockdown

Looking After Your Mental Health in Lockdown

The corona virus has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. Feeling stressed is a perfectly rational response to an extraordinary time. There is no stigma to being concerned about your mental health - you are not alone and there are many resources available where you can get good help and advice. If you are struggling support and advice is available from organisations.

The NHS  - 

The NHS Mental Health Helplines are here  - https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-health-helplines/

Young Minds - 

YoungMinds are the UK’s leading charity fighting for  young people's mental health. Find out more about them and their advice here "looking after your mental health while self-isolating"  


The mental health charity Mind has an article here on Loneliness  along with a number of other resources including if you need urgent support. 

The Samaritans 

You can reach out to The Samaritans in many different ways. You can call them, email them - or even write a letter. 

Mental Health at work

Paying attention to workplace mental health has never been more important. Mental Health at Work has resources for you directly, and also if you are a manager looking to help your staff. https://www.mentalhealthatwork.org.uk/ 

Youth Employment 

Youth employment have a very useful list here of many resources  https://www.youthemployment.org.uk/uk-mental-health-resources-list/