Making Healthy Choices in Lockdown, Quarantine or Isolation

Making Healthy Choices in Lockdown, Quarantine or Isolation

Let them eat cake?

Making healthy choices is important. What does that look like right now? 

Most of us want to make healthy choices, that's confusing enough when times are regular. With the current crisis choosing a healthy lifestyle has become much easier. Right now what a healthy choice looks like is following the latest advice. Advice from the World Health Organisation is available here, and the NHS here

  • Wash Your Hands

  • Don't touch your face

  • Keep your distance from other people 

  • Don't leave the house unless it's absolutely necessary 

That's it. While we are in lockdown, everything else is optional.

You don't need to put yourself under any additional pressure. If what gets you through this is healthy home-cooked meals and an opportunity to workout for twice as long every day, that's brilliant – go for it! If lunch right now is a chip butty, that's OK too. Hey, If you want to eat the chip butty while on the exercise bike- No problem! there's no one around to judge you. 

There are many proven benefits to exercise. It can burn off your excess house-bound energy, keep you fit, and it also can improve mental health. If you do feel motivated, timelines have blown up this week with some great advice, techniques and opportunities to keep-fit from home, alone or together.  

  • Zero equipment workouts

  • Household object workouts

  • Streamed family PE classes

  • Free workout apps

  • Living room Military boot-camps

  • Personal trainers and gyms are offering video classes. 

There is something there for everybody. You can keep in touch with a support network, Work out alone, work out with the family together, it's a positive thing to focus on.

But just because we are in lockdown, you aren't obliged to exercise, or feel guilty about snacks. 

No matter how many home workouts, yoga shreds or diet plans pop up when you scroll, it's still OK to eat the chocolate if it makes you feel better. 

Based on the shelves we've seen being cleared of pasta, most of us are probably going to come out of lockdown with our roots showing and a few pounds heavier. That's OK.

If you are following the lockdown advice, you are making a healthy choice. 

Above all, stay safe, and look after each other. If you feel like your mental health is struggling with isolation, support and advice is available from organisations like Young Minds - "looking after your mental health while self-isolating"   and Mind  - Loneliness  and The Samaritans