How to quit your first job in eight simple steps

How to quit your first job in eight simple steps

If the time has come for you leave your job follow these steps to make sure you leave on good terms.

Regardless of your reasons for leaving, the way in which you leave your job is what can make or break your reputation and your future career. For example, your manager may not provide you with a reference which portrays you in the best way. Following these tips will help you make a clean exit.


Keep your decision under wraps


It might be tempting to confide in your colleagues about you immanent job move, but refrain from this. Out of respect, your boss should be the first person to hear of your resignation. They may also wish to tell the rest of the office themselves so by sharing your news beforehand you might be stepping on people’s toes without even realising.


Have the conversation in person


Thought it’s a hard conversation to have, it’s better to do it face-to-face, rather than over email. It creates more trust, shows sincerity and will help you to gage your boss’s reaction.


Schedule the breakup


Blindsiding your boss with your resignation is not the best thing to do. Instead, send your boss an email with the title “Important meeting” and give a hint as to what the meeting will be around.


Rehearse your reason for leaving


It’s likely your boss will question your reason for quitting. The details aren’t required, especially if they’re because of the company. Instead, express your appreciation for the opportunity and explain your career goals. A line which works for this situation is “I have loved being a part of this company and broadening my skillset, but I’m at the point in my career where I am happy to contribute to another business where I can impact a different customer base.”


Be prepared for a counteroffer


If you’re a favoured member of the team your boss may try persuade you to stay. Unless you are adamant about leaving, think about what it would take for you to remain at the company. Know your reasons for leaving as your boss may be able to adjust details in your contract.


Ask for a reference


If your resignation goes well, ask your boss for a reference.. If you think appropriate, you can also ask them to highlight particular points.


Train your replacement


Make the transition process as seamless as possible by offering to train the new member of the team before you leave.


Close the door with a thank you


On your final day thank and praise your managers in an email, copying those higher-up and have some goodbye words on hand to deliver to everyone – this will leave people with a good memory of you.


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