Get the most out of every situation

Get the most out of every situation

In the workplace, there are many situations in which healthy self-esteem and confidence can make a positive difference to your career. Maybe you got involved in a project and think you should have got extra praise or a promotion for your effort? Or maybe you’re a boss and have to deal with a difficult employee? These topics are a big challenge for every employer and employee. Below are some articles on how to prepare properly, be confident and get the most out of every situation put in front of you.


Apply confidently


Once you have completed the written application process, the next challenge is already waiting: the job interview. The potential employer likes what they have seen on paper, now all you have to do is convince your future employer that you are the right person for the job. The right preparation is crucial. All tips for a successful job interview can be found here. 



Salary negotiation & appraisal interview


Talking about money is difficult for many. But when it comes to getting the salary you deserve for your performance and feeling valued, you cannot get around a salary negotiation. With proper preparation, this conversation does not need to be as uncomfortable as most people think. The following articles show how you can confidently ask for a pay rise and when is the right time to ask.






Having to present your ideas, monthly performance reports etc. is part of most jobs. A good structure and sufficient preparation are the basis of success. Presenting is all about confidence being confident in your own presentation skills and be confident on the subject you are talking about. The following article shows eight ways to improve your public speaking and how to tackle an interview where you have been asked to present.



Team lead


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A manager is only as good as the team behind them. It is crucial for everyone responsible for managing people to motivate their team, actively participate in work processes, and acknowledge the strengths and achievements of their teams.

Effectively managing people is a delicate and time-consuming process as no two employees are the same, they all have strengths, and they all have weaknesses. A good manager will take the time to learn the characteristics of the individual members of the team and be flexible with each of them. Unfortunately, one management style does not fit all.

Below is a selection of articles that will help you become a thoughtful and respected boss: