10 podcasts that will benefit your career

10 podcasts that will benefit your career

Whether it's true crime, sports or comedy, who doesn't love a podcast? Here are 10 that are all offering free career advice to keep you feeling motivated and inspired to develop your skills. 


1. Get What You Want


Hosted by Baroness Karren Brady CBE, this podcast focuses on being a woman in business and succeeding. In this series, Karren interviews influential women in business such as Dame Helena Morrisey and Jo Malone, where they share their stories and how they overcame challenges to get to where they are.


2. Safe for Work


Safe for Work gives practical guidance on how you can create a positive workplace for yourself so that you look forward to coming in each day. Each week, hosts Liz Dolan, former head of marketing at Nike, and Rico Gagliano, contributor to The Wall Street Journal, offer advice on various issues from office gossip to exit interviews with the help of guests who are experts in the fields they're discussing.


3. Switch, Pivot, Quit


Thinking about a career change? This podcast offers useful advice for career switchers hoping for a smooth transition into new fields. The host, Ahyiana Angel, knows a thing or two about career changes, as she’s been a publicist and an author.


4. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day


In this series, Elizabeth Day celebrates things that haven’t gone right. Every week a new interviewee discusses what their failures have taught them and how that’s helped them to succeed. The star-studded interviews include Dame Kelly Holmes, Lily Allen and David Baddiel, and will encourage you to think about what you perceive to be a career failure and how you can turn that around into a positive.


5. The Future of Work


Hosted by futurologist, Jacob Morgan, this series identifies what the future of work is going to look like. Every episode, Jacob sits down with business leaders and HR experts to give you insights into how the workplace is changing so you can future-proof your career.


6. How to be awesome at your job


As the name suggests, this series will help you grow your skills so you can be awesome at your job. Every week the host, Pete Mockalitis, interviews thought-leaders to discover specific, actionable insights that books work performance.


7. Squiggly Careers


This podcast will help you love your job. The hosts, career-coaches Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper, have helped thousands of people have a happier career and are sharing their tips and tricks so you can take control of your career and make better choices for the future.


8. Ctrl Alt Delete


Work in digital and want to be inspired in your career? Award-winning author, Emma Gannon, speaks to experts and thought leaders about their careers and their take on what’s going on in the sector. Listen for 20 minutes and you’ll be ready to take on the industry! 


9. Career Tools


This weekly podcast focuses on specific actions that you can take to develop your career to the next level. The award-winning series launched in 2010 so there are hundreds of episodes available with advice to tap into from talking to your manager about a promotion, to how to update your CV and improving time management.


10. Eat Sleep Work Repeat


This series looks at how we can make working environments better. Each episode the hosts chat to experts and identify ways to drive change in workplace cultures for businesses of all sizes. Recent podcasts include looking at how Jurgen Klopp changed the culture within Liverpool FC and how the NHS promotes team building.


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