Your next great hire is just a Tweet away

Monster Social Job Ads, now available, makes recruiters sophisticated Twitter marketers

A recent survey has found that half of UK job seekers use social media to find a job(1), and recruiters who used social media found a 44% improvement in candidate quality(2). In addition, Twitter's UK user base has now grown to 15m users(3).

Layer on top of that an estimated 10.6 million Tweets mentioning job search-related keywords last year in the UK, and 19,000 jobs on average tweeted out each day(4) and you've got the makings of a significant recruiting opportunity.

With this growing audience of both very active and the truly passive job candidates on Twitter, it begs the question: Are you missing out on all of these potential employees because of a lacklustre - or non-existent - presence on the platform?

That's where Monster comes in.

Early last year, Monster acquired my company, Gozaik, and since coming on board Monster has been focused on integrating and growing the platform into what became Monster Twitter Cards, launched commercially in the UK in October last year. At its core the product enables recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals to automate the distribution of their Monster Job Ads through their Twitter feed.

That was just the beginning. Today, we announced the commercial release of Monster Social Job Ads, which combines Monster's huge amount of job candidate data with the Twitter Ads API to offer a highly targeted recruitment advertising solution on the Twitter platform.

What does this really mean? Let's take, for example, a recruiter who needs to find programmers in Bournemouth. That recruiter's job ad can now find its way to a Twitter user who has just the right expertise, location and desire for such a job, and show up right in their feed, regardless of whether or not they follow the organisation on the platform.

How are we doing this?

Let's look more closely at those programmers. Existing technology would allow you to create a Tweet and use Twitter's ad platform to target it to users based on some relatively simple criteria, such as location, keyword usage or demographics. Helpful, but you need to know the ins and outs of the platform well and even then you might put the ad in front of many people who are neither qualified, nor interested in the job.

So Monster is layering on top of that all of our candidate data - sourced from Monster's extensive CV and social profile database - so you can find someone who has worked as a programmer in Bournemouth in the past, on Twitter.

And the process is all automated as an extension of a Monster Job Ad, so no expertise in social advertising is needed. It's a frictionless way to turn recruiters into sophisticated social marketers.

At Monster, we understand the challenges recruiters face today. You want to be everywhere the candidates are, but sometimes you just can't be. That's why we've built Monster Twitter Cards and Social Job Ads, and why I started Gozaik in the first place. We think every company deserves great employees and every person deserves a great job opportunity, and we know our Twitter solutions will help make that happen.


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2. OnRec - ‘Social Media vs. Job Boards - The Future of Recruiting’ March 2015;
3. - Number of Twitter Users in the United Kingdom from 2012 to 2018;
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