Monster Bites from Amali de Alwis

Monster Bites from Amali de Alwis

With Monster Bites we have real people telling their stories and sharing their experiences to help us all gain important #CareerConfidence. Amali de Alwis, CEO of Code First: Girls (a Social Enterprise that works with companies and young professional women - increasing the numbers of women in tech) gives her thoughts and insights on interview advice, how to network and using your holiday to focus on your career.


Amali de Alwis




Coding as a Career

Coding as a Career"Hi, I'm Amali de Alwis, CEO of Code First: Girls, a company that focuses on getting more women in to Tech. We work with some great companies ranging from Monster and Bank of America Merrill Lynch to companies like Thoughtworks and Twitter, and run coding courses, career events, as well as workshops on tech talent recruitment and retention. With regards to career paths, I studied manufacturing engineering, then footwear product design & development, before moving into research and strategy to get to where I am now."


My Top Interview Tip

Leen and Keen

Top Interview Tips"I think one of the most important things to get across in an interview is that you are passionate about the role and the industry. When I changed industries I was worried that I wouldn't have enough experience, but I learnt that most employers would much rather have someone who is motivated and willing to learn rather than someone who isn't and who just has experience."

5 key points for interview


Difficult Questions

Avoiding Fall Out

Difficult Questions

"I think the hardest questions to answer are those inquiring about tricky situations where you had to deal with a challenging client or you fell out with a work colleague. These make you feel a little vulnerable, however it's key to show how you dealt with the situation professionally and what you learnt from it."

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Good Network Advice

Unfamiliar Territory

Unfamiliar Territory

"I am constantly networking because of the nature of my job. Meeting new people and sharing what we do is a key part of my week. I am lucky that I work in London where there are fantastic opportunities to network. My main tip is to try not to head for the safest looking group of people, try to diversify and speak to people you wouldn't normally. It can be daunting but also worthwhile in the long run."

The right people to network

My Holiday Hints

Caribbean Career Planning

Career Planning"We all have very hectic lives and it's difficult to have time to think clearly when you are so busy. Therefore, a holiday is an excellent time to take a step back, recharge your batteries and consider if your career is heading in the right direction. I recently went away to the beautiful Saint Kitts & Nevis. It was wonderful to get some sun and relaxation."

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We hope you found Amali's advice helpful and inspiring and If you'd like to read further on any topic, then head over to our  cv templates to guidance on how to write a cover letter

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