Girls in Coding - Changing the Game

Girls in Coding - Changing the Game

I’m a marketer, but also I’m a gamer. A very big gamer and not embarrassed to say I’m a 43 year old who has loved games all his life. My favourite game is made by a female – Halo. Bonnie Ross is now Corporate Vice President of 343 Industries who has taken on the mantle of moving Halo to its 5th videogame and making it one of the largest gaming franchises in the world. OK, Bonnie doesn’t make it directly, but leads the studio team in creating this beast of a game. Without people like Bonnie I wouldn’t be settling down after a hard days marketing to play my favourite video game (and also all the hard working coders, artists, graphics designers, project managers and developers).

Females in videogames are now mainstream – you only have to look at the shelves in Game to see the wide, diverse and strong range of female characters that have been developed – Faith from Mirrors Edge, Lightning from Final Fantasy and Jill Valentine the badass from Resident Evil (there are exceptions but we’ll leave that for another time…) – oh and how can I not mention one of the most well-known of these Lara Croft who first stepped onto our screens in 1997 and still to this day is the feature of multiple videogames (and movies – ok we won’t mention these…). However, it’s not just limited to the characters, but the shift from this being a male dominated industry to girls moving into coding. But, they need more for this industry to keep producing quality AAA titles.

There has been a rise in women working within this industry and I personally feel that this has led to a diversion away from the salacious, somewhat immature element of females personified in gaming to the characters we see today – more and more girls are gamers and they are now having a voice in how they are developed – Halo provides not only male characters, but also females. Heck, I play online with some damn talented female gamers regularly and am not embarrassed to say they can kick me to the kerb!

Coding is still at the heart of a game and without it we (or should I say I!) wouldn’t be able to play games, socialise with friends or play online and the coding world needs more girls to create more games, that are loved. Without you I won’t be able to find out what happens to Cortana.

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