Monster Year Report 2015/2016

Hot off the press, today we launched the Monster Year Report throughout the UK.

The UK labour market is clearly on the move as we see the market change over the last 2 years from ‘employer’ to ‘candidate’ driven. This report contains forecasts in employment and skill gaps across UK and Europe and also dives into job seeker behaviour, industry trends and Monster’s own data.

Click here to download the full Monster Year Report 2015/2016


The Monster Year Report shows that tech roles are increasingly in demand with talent being scarce. Monster saw considerably higher demand for engineers and technicians with the number of new job postings per month being 12 percent higher in this category than the previous year. The increase corresponds to the overall trend that UK is experiencing with vacancies increasing by 10.5% than the previous year according to ONS.

Our own Monster Data indicates that in 2015 there were approximately 3.6 million job searches performed each month on the website, with the number of monthly job views exceeding 5.1 million. Those viewing the jobs were most likely searching in the sectors of sales, business development, IT or engineering, and we continue to see these sectors dominate in 2016.

Monster also noticed an increase in mobile traffic with just under half of our users visiting from a mobile device, up 8% from 2014. With the proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices expected to continue, the trend of accessing jobs via mobile is likely to increase.

The other key insight we’re noticing is the changing demographic of the UK workforce. Steffi Burkhart addresses the challenges of recruiting and retaining Millennial talent. Natasha Clarke also dives into the direct and hidden benefits of promoting gender diversity in modern recruitment. Read their articles in our Monster Year Report and hear from other key industry influencers.

Click here to download the full Monster Year Report 2015/2016

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