Only 39% of businesses use mobile sites

Only 39% of businesses use mobile sites

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According to businesses that have not adapted to the increasingly mobile world could be losing out on talented job candidates. A survey of jobseekers and employers* revealed just 39 per cent of UK businesses have a site dedicated to mobile and smartphone users. This is despite a third of the job seekers questioned saying they use their mobile device to search for jobs and almost half (48 per cent) use it to research potential employers.

The findings show a lack of mobile compatibility could also reflect poorly on the employer’s brand, with almost a fifth (19 per cent) of job seekers saying their view of a company has been negatively impacted due to an inability to apply using their mobile internet device. As a result, many job seekers could be dismissing prospective employers, simply due to an unfriendly mobile experience.

On the upside, one area that UK employers are increasingly embracing is social media, with more than three quarters (76 per cent) of the employers surveyed saying they engage with job applicants via channels including Twitter and Facebook. This approach clearly goes down well with job seekers, as 15 per cent of respondents said their view of an employer is positively impacted if they are able to engage with staff via social media.

There is still a way to go, however, as the popularity of YouTube is being overlooked. Only one in ten (11 per cent) recruiters surveyed say they use video content to engage with candidates.

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About the research 

*The survey was conducted in May 2013 by Monster with 5,300 jobseekers and 200 recruiters within the UK, examining attitudes to technology within recruitment.

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