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How can I create an exciting company culture?

How can I create an exciting company culture?

Even in the best of economic times, surveys of employee engagement show that only 10% of employees look forward to their jobs.

Many people don't want to work for 'The Man' anymore, having grown distrustful, skeptical and more socially aware. The impact of this growing attitude means that many companies are left with employees who are not especially excited to work for them.

Inspiring leaders can have a profound impact on corporate culture. The key word is 'inspiring'. Most people can study management or human resources and run a department, but few people can create a workplace where employees can't wait to jump out of bed Monday morning to get to the office. Here are some tactics you can employ to inspire and excite your employees..

  • Sell dreams – In an inspired culture, employees see their jobs as more than a way to pay the bills. Have a passion for your products and don't be afraid of sharing that passion and enthusiasm with your team. Inspiring leaders don't offer jobs. They offer opportunities to live a meaningful life.
  • Create vision – Inspiring leaders craft and deliver a specific, consistent and memorable vision. A goal such as "We intend to double our sales by this time next year" is not inspiring. Neither is a long, convoluted mission statement destined to be tucked away and forgotten in a desk somewhere. A vision is a vivid description of what the world will look like if your product or service succeeds. Make sure you can fit your within the 140 characters of a Twitter post.
  • Tell stories – Inspiring leaders weave stories into the cultural fabric of the workplace. Gathers for staff meetings where you share positive stories. These could be tales of employees who go above and beyond a customers expectations, or a funny thing that happenned in the lunch room. Allow people to share and shine and mark tehmselves out as local celebrities. Local fame is a powerful motivator and, as a bonus, it helps inspire, educate and motivate others to perform.
  • Invite participation – Inspiring cultures invite employees to participate in the growth of the company. Set times where anyone can sign up for a fifteen minute discussion with senior managers to talk about anything; feedback on existing products, introducing new ideas, etc. This is especially important with younger employees who value participation. The command and control way of managing is over.
  • Encourage potential – An inspired company culture recognises the power of praise and incorporates praise into the workplace. When you praise people, they flourish. Criticize, and they shrivel up. When people receive genuine praise, their doubt diminishes and their spirits soar. Great leaders nurture a culture where teams praise each other.

Regardless of your title, you have the potential to be the Chief Inspiration Officer in your workplace, helping to create a company culture that rocks! Encourage people to be their best selves and they will walk through walls for you.