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How to turn ’employees’ into a team

How to turn ’employees’ into a team

Turning your employees into a well-gelled team is not an overnight job.

It takes time, patience and a lot of effort to get people working as one. But nobody said it was impossible. If you find your organisation is made up of  individuals who only speak to each other when they need to, and barely know each other’s names, Monster’s tips can help to change this.

Encourage employees to get to know each other

It takes time to get to know someone and doing it in a working environment is not always the easiest way. As the leader of the group take it upon yourself to organise social events outside of work. This allows employees to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment and establish common ground between one and other. As employees get to know each other better they will share their interests and experience at the company, all of which helps employees bond with each other. Once people feel more comfortable around each other outside of the office, working together won’t be so frosty.

Explain each department’s role

Communication is key in any company. Helping employees understand what everyone’s roles are eliminates finger pointing when issues arise. Staff knowing each department and individual’s roles and responsibilities will have a better understanding of who should be doing what. This removes tension and confusion and instead encourages open communication between departments, helping everyone to work collaboratively in the most efficient way. When nobody talks to each other a lot of jobs tend to be repeated – wasting everyone’s time.

Praise the team

After a group project has been successfully completed the first thing to do as a leader is praise the group as a whole for their combined efforts. Letting the team know they did a good job as opposed to highlighting individual performances will make people feel good about working as a team. This can be an email or calling everyone into your office congratulating them on their success. The shared sense of accomplishment will bring people together, boost team morale and lead to a better functioning workplace.

Encourage collaboration

Where possible encourage people to work on tasks together. This will not require you to think of entirely new projects for people. Simply brief a project into a team rather than an individual. Create a system which pairs employees up based on the skillsets required for the job at hand. Better yet, when asking for feedback from different departments request that the whole team get together and share their thoughts and reply as a group.

It is important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a team. This is going to take time and some patience while bonds between people are formed. As the leader it’s important to unite your employees and remind them they are all working towards the same outcome.

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