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Monster Training Schedule

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your Monster tools or just pick up a few tips and tricks, we have live training sessions available. In the live session, you’ll be able to witness a walkthrough with real examples, plus have the chance to ask any questions throughout the session.

Before sending your request you may wish to read through our online training manuals – here

To join one of our live interactive online sessions either click on the link in the calendar below or send an email to customerservice@monster.co.uk with your name and the session you wish to attend and we will come back to you shortly.


Job Postings

  • Understanding the candidate experience
  • How to post a Job
  • Maximising your return
  • Managing candidates
  • Contacting candidates
  • Add-Ons – letters and saved jobs
  Wednesday 14:30


  • Searching with SearchMonster
  • Profiles vs. CV’s
  • Sending campaigns
  • Understanding your credits
  • Managing search results
  • Contacting and managing candidates
  Tuesday 14:30
  Thursday 14:30

Monster CV Search

  • Searching CV’s
  • Boolean logic for searching
  • Managing search results
  • Performing actions on CVs
  • Understanding your credits
  • Contacting and managing candidates
  Monday 14:30

If you have any questions or an urgent request,
you can call the service team between 09:00 – 17:30 on

0800 169 5015.