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Usage Reports

Reporting can be an important tool when it comes to managing your resources and your team. The following guide will show you how to access and interpret your administrative reports.


Find Usage Reports

Hover over the settings icon and click on Usage Reports.

There are two types of reporting options

User Reports: for an overview of the activity on your own Monster account

Administrative Reports: for an overview of activity on a specific user or for all users associated to your company

Access to the Administrative Reports is only available to users with these permissions. By default, all user accounts on Monster are configured as “standard” accounts. If you want to request a change to these permissions and have access to the Administrative Reporting, please ask any administrator or primary account holder in your company. You can also contact your Monster Account Manager, or contact our Monster Customer Experience Team.


Reports Definition

Active Jobs Dashboard: This report allows you to access the total number of jobs posted during the month, the number of active job postings, and the click rate percentage on all your jobs. You will also find information regarding the top 5 categories and job posting regions where you receive the most applications.

User Response Report : This report provides a detailed view of all your job offers posted in a chosen time frame. You will be able to see the number of views and applies received.

CV View Report : This report gives you a global view of your CV database usage, and the number of view inventory remaining.

Online Purchase Report : This report will provide your online purchase history on Monster.

Career Ad Network Campaign Report : If you have this product, you will have access to this report which will show you the number of impressions generated and banner clicks for a selected period.


Manage report

In some of the reports you can also select a time period, fill in the dates in the field below and click on “Run Report“. You can export the data as an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the Save report icon.