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Screening Questionnaires

Screening questionnaires are a great way to get additional information from your candidates that can help you process their application and file them into the relevant piles. You can set up yes/no, multiple choice and free answer questions based on the information you need and get information that might not be immediately visible in their application.


Find Hiring Library and Screening Questionnaires

Hover over the settings and click on Hiring Library. And then Questionnaires in the left-hand side menu.
Manage Questionnaires

From the main section you can create new questionnaires, edit, view, copy or delete existing ones based on your needs. You can also view questionnaires created by your colleagues if they have made them viewable company wide.

To create a new questionnaire click on the green icon and follow the instructions below.


Create a new questionnaire

Provide a name & brief introduction to your questionnaire: why are you asking candidates to fill this in? To add questions click add question or import questions from an existing questionnaire. Enter your question and choose the type of answer you’d like to receive. For Yes/No and Multiple Choice answers you can score the options which will automatically rank the applications you receive. To add the question to your questionnaire click on save.

Import Question(s)

You can import existing questions from other questionnaires. Choose which user you want to import questions from in the drop-down menu and select the questionnaire.

Select the questions you want and click import to automatically add them to your questionnaire.

Attach a Questionnaire to your Jobs

  1. Hover over My Jobs in the menu and click on Manage Jobs
  2. Click the job title you want to add the form to. Select the Screening-tab and click on Add Screening Questionnaire
  3. You can select an existing questionnaire in the menu or create a new one as needed.
  4. Click continue to double check the details of the questionnaire and add it by clicking Attach Questionnaire