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Monster Subscription Model

New to the subscription model? What do you need to know? Monster now offers the option of purchasing our key products on a subscription basis. Instead of buying 1 job which can be posted within 12 months, you will have access to 1/3/5 active job(s) per month for as long as you are subscribed.

Subscription advantages

Flexibility and control
You decide when the job goes online, expires and subscriptions begin and end. The job can be online for the whole duration of the paid subscription or only for a couple of days, it’s entirely up to you.
Modifying or completely switching job
When you have received enough applications or want to put recruitment on hold, expire the job and post a brand new ad without additional cost.
Combine with SearchMonster
Once the job ad is online, search for and connect with top candidates via campaigns or direct messages.

3 tips on managing your subscriptions:


Stay active – log in and check status


Expiring the job doesn’t cancel the subscription


Set-up a calendar reminder (e.g. 3 months, 6 months ahead)




Active job or Standard job? Which is better?

Both are great and suited for different recruitment scenarios. Active job is suitable for quick-fill positions, high-turnover roles or if there is frequent recruitment activity in your company. Standard job is best suited when you are recruiting for 1 role and prefer one-time payment or if you know you’ll need to recruit anytime within the next 12 months.

Standard Job

  • ✔ 1 payment
  • ✔ 1 job, availability for 12 months, set duration (30/60)
  • ✔ Can add additional products as needed

Active Job

  • ✔ Reoccurring Monthly payment
  • ✔ As many jobs as needed, 1 active at a time of the paid subscription period
  • ✔ SearchMonster available to increase candidate pool
Can I have multiple subscriptions at a time?

Yes. You will see the subscriptions in your account alongside their payment plans.

Can I cancel the subscription?
You can cancel at any time, free of charge, by clicking a link within your Account settings. You can also re-activate the subscription at any point after that.

If I cancel my subscription within the first 30 days, how long will my active job be available?
Active job will be available until the end of the subscription period paid for. So if you paid for 1 month and cancelled the subscription on the same day, your job will still be available for the whole duration of the 30 days. In that time, it can be posted, expired and reposted according to your needs. The duration of the job will end with the expiry date of the subscription.


Learn how to Manage Subscriptions