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Monster SEO Checklist

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making your online content as easy as possible for your audience to discover. To do this you need to understand who is your target audience and how they will be looking for your job. What is the most important for them to find in your ad?

Use our checklist below to SEO your ad.

Job Title

  • Job title and the main requirement of the role
  • No special characters or redundant information

Use “Field Sales Account Manager” if customer visits are a big part of the role.

Use “Data Engineer” if the job description matches the market standard.

Relevant Keywords

  • Use keywords relevant to the job title
  • Avoid copying existing job ads (duplication of content)
  • Check Google Trends to see current top searches

Text Content

  • Use related keywords and skills throughout
  • Include synonyms & related terms rather than repeating the same keyword
  • Describe the role as if you were explaining in person
  • Don’t list relevant keywords in bulk at the bottom of your ad

Rich Content

  • Make your posting unique

Target Your Audience

  • Enter the postcode to the location field
  • Assess the potential candidate pool in the region and industry you’re targeting. If none exists, adjust your parameters to find the right candidate and consider the benefits of social products to boost your audience coverage.

Find your candidate pool