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Auto-Reply Messages

Letters are a great way to add an element of interaction for candidates after they have completed the application. Through an auto-reply letter you can thank the applicants for their interest and let them know of the next steps in the recruitment process: when can they expect to hear back or any additional information. Through your Hiring Library you can create new letters or modify existing ones to your needs.


Find Hiring Library

Hover over the settings and click on Hiring Library.

Manage Letters

Click on Letters in the left-hand side menu. You can manage your existing letters through the Actions buttons. The blue button will allow you to perform bulk actions, or you can use the drop-down next to the letter you want to work with. You can choose to edit, copy and delete existing letters as needed.

To create a new letter click on the green icon and follow the instructions below.


Create a New Letter

Think of the information you’d like to see in an auto-reply for a job you applied to: when will they hear back or what are the next steps? Make use of the SmartFields to help personalise your letter by using the naming options.

Attach a Letter to your Job

  1. Click on My Jobs in the menu.
  2. Click the job title you want to add the letter to. Select the Auto-Reply-tab and click on Add Auto-reply letter
  3. You can select an existing letter from the drop-down menu or create a new one as needed
  4. Click Add Letter