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Application Methods

Monster provides you the choice between two application methods. Below we’ll detail how each one works and highlight the benefits so you can choose the one which suits you best.


Standard Apply

Standard Apply is the recommended Monster apply method as it allows candidates to quickly apply with their Monster account. Applications will be sent to the email address you fill in, and will be saved in your Monster account to review later.

ATS / Redirected Apply

If you’re using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) you can insert your redirect URL link.

If you re-direct applicants, make sure your own web page is optimized and does not discourage the candidate from applying (multiple pages, too many details to fill out, conditioning by creating account). This application method will only track apply starts from Monster.

If you don’t see the ATS option here, you can easily enable it in your account settings. Just hover over the settings icon in the top right corner, click Account Settings, go to your account preferences and enable the ATS apply option. Don’t forget to Save. For more info read our article Account Preferences for step-by-step instructions. 



Q: What application method does Monster recommend and why?
A: We recommend applications via email (Standard Apply). Why?

  • You will avoid SPAM because your email address will not appear in the ad text. The candidate will have to register with Monster to apply, which prevents bots.
  • You can easily manage applications through your Monster account.

Q: What are the disadvantages if I link my own website to the application button?

  • Applications made externally cannot be found in your Monster account.
  • Monster can only provide statistics on apply starts (clicks on the apply button), not completed applications.
  • Forwarding to external sites might discourage some job seekers (multiple pages, too many details to fill out).

Q:  I received a short application with nothing more than contact details. What is this?
A: This is a quick application via the Monster mobile app. Since the application process should be as easy and as quick as possible, applicants have the following mandatory fields when registering in the app:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Highest degree
  • Most recent employment

Since many applicants have not saved their CV on their smartphones, and a long registration process in the app is not warranted, these short profiles are there so that applicants can still get in touch with employers.

Also, as you now have the contact details of the applicants basic profiles, you can reach out and request they send you all of the documents and complete the application process.


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