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5 Steps to Mobile Optimisation

The world today revolves around a mobile experience – People no longer only make phone calls, they shop, watch TV, socialize and look for jobs on their phones. The majority of Monster candidates already use these features  and more than half of the job applies come from the mobile platform. This means that tailoring your job ad and how it is viewed on mobile by candidates is essential.

How to build a mobile friendly ad:


The first paragraph is the most important: grab the candidate’s attention and engage them to read further.


Include section headers for: qualifications, requirements, skills & benefits.


Use a clear, easy to scan format: bullet points are a great way to do this.


Try to keep to the same style across your job ads to build candidate recognition.


After your job is online browse for it on your mobile phone and amend if needed.

Mobile friendly application methods

Choose the best application method for your jobs with regards to the candidate’s mobile experience.

Direct apply will be the quickest for the candidate and on the app, they can apply with as little as a swipe. A copy of the application will be saved in your account.

If you re-direct applicants, make sure your own web page is optimized and does not discourage the candidate from applying (multiple pages, too many details to fill out, conditioning by creating account).


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