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Power CV Search Results

After you run your search in Power CV Search, you will see a list of CVs that match your search criteria. Read on to see how you can view and manage candidates in the search results.

1. Candidate Preview

To help you navigate the search results, each CV is rated on the scale from 1 to 10. The score indicates how closely each candidate matches your search criteria compared to other candidates in the CV database.

Take a look at the preview before clicking on the candidate’s name to open their CV. Relevant job titles and skills are marked with green dots beside them. For each skill, you will also see the total years of experience.

Hover your mouse over one of the green dots and you will see a pop up showing keywords from your search related to each skill.

2. Candidate CV

Once you have clicked on the candidate, the CV tab will show you their original CV. The tabs Candidate Detail and Additional Info contain further information about the candidate, such as work authorisation, education, target job title, skills and more.

Once you’ve viewed a CV, you will see the Viewed icon next to the candidate’s name in the search results.
John Doe

London, London | Master’s Degree

3. Candidate Actions

From the full CV view you can take several actions on the candidate. You will see a list of available actions on the top right of the page:

Send message – Be proactive and send the candidate a message about the job opportunity.
Add candidate to folder – Keep your top candidates within reach by adding them to a folder.
Forward CV – Did you come across an interesting CV for a colleague’s requisition? Send it over.
Add note – Capture your thoughts and activities (phone calls, interviews, etc.) related to a CV
Rate – Rate the CV and compare to other candidates.
Update status – Keep track of a candidate’s progress through the hiring cycle.
Block CV – Clearly mark CVs you want to bypass in the future.

The additional Activity tab will appear once you’ve performed any actions on the CV

Tip: We recommend adding candidates to folder in order to save them in your Monster account. You will be able to review them in the Manage Candidates section without being deducted additional views. For more information on how to manage your candidates click here.

4. Bulk Actions

You can take action on multiple candidates by clicking the check box next to them. Then click the Select dropdown menu at the top of the search results.

Tip: Use Compare Selected to view and compare up to 5 candidates side by side. This view shows relevant information from candidates’ CVs without costing you any views.