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Google Job Search Experience has launched in the UK.

Google Job Search Experience has launched in the UK.


Google job search experience has launched in the UK. Since the launch in the USA in early June 2017, Canada in April 2018 and more recently Spain in late May 2018 Monster has been a launch partner. Now, at the UK launch, we share over 12 months experience, knowledge and know-how in optimising this service.

Monster is a Launch Partner ffor Google Job Search Experience

Benefit from Monster’s unparalleled expertise and knowledge in the UK –

•    We have adapted our site technology and code in the way that Google requires, but which can be costly for employers to replicate themselves.
•   We are training our customers in best practices, developed directly from Google’s guidelines and refined by over twelve month’s direct experience as a partner.

As a result we have driven extraordinary results following each launch in the USA, Canada and Spain. Our customers have seen significant increases in applies, and we expect to see the same benefits in the UK.

To help optimise your jobs for Google Job Search Experience, read our FAQ Here.

Ahead of the UK launch, we gave many of our customers a head start in understanding the potential of this initiative with a webinar detailing our lessons learned in the USA and Canada. This webinar is accompanied by a detailed whitepaper newly updated following the UK launch.

The whitepaper covers:

•    How you can optimise your postings for Google’s Job Search Experience.
•    Ensuring your jobs are eligible to appear on Google’s Job Search Experience.
•    Overall the lessons we have learned in the US & Canada.

You can still view the webinar, originally broadcast in May 2018, here.

We look forward to working with you on this exciting initiative.