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Be inspired by this Great Video Job Ad!

Be inspired by this Great Video Job Ad!

Online, video is the new normal.

Five billion videos are watched every day on YouTube, One hundred million hours of videos are watched every day on Facebook. Video is how people now prefer to consume information. Video increases the visibility, memorability and response of your marketing mix. With MonsterStudios, you get the benefit of this, for free, in your recruitment marketing.

Here’s what a great Video Job looks like:

Created in our Free MonsterStudios app using editing techniques we feature in our training content. You can quickly make engaging videos job adverts like this example to showcase the vacancy and the rest of your ‘employer brand’. The workplace, ethos, team, atmosphere and reasons to apply.

Location, Location, Location

Where are you? What are your best facilities? Where do people take breaks, get lunches and hang out together? Can you show a bit about the location and commute?

Meet the team

Can you introduce some of the team? Who will they be working with ? What’s the office atmosphere like?

Touch on who you are looking for

Touch on the basics of the role, but remember this video complements the text job-ad rather than replicates it.

Don’t worry about being on Camera

Our teleprompter app makes it easy to appear natural on-screen, there’s nothing to memorise. Candidates engage best with the vlogging-style social video format. This doesn’t need to be a professionally acted high-value production to be effective.

Brand your Video

Include your logo and company style to position this, your first impression.

These are just some ideas to get you started, you can find out more here. We can’t wait to see what you create!