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The Future of HR – Raconteur Report distributed in “The Times”


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The Future of HR – Raconteur Report distributed in “The Times”

The future of HR is a Raconteur publication discussing many hot HR trends. We have promoted our Video Job Ad tool – “Monster Studios” here, because it directly addresses many of the problems and concerns raised.

HR Leaders must think like Marketeers

The report covers many topics – including how in the future “HR Leaders must think like marketeers.” This has always been the case to an extent. You are marketing the position and the candidate is the target market. Recruiters, generally, are behind the trend in how marketeers are reaching and engaging with audiences online.

Candidates today want to find meaning in their work

More than ever to successfully recruit you need to be selling the opportunity – not just in terms of tasks and salary. Candidates today, Millennials and Gen-Z, want to find meaning in their work. They want to work for a company that aligns with their values, their ethos, their vision. That emotional connection to your employer brand is incredible hard to make with a traditional text advert. This is why Monster have included the option of video for free with every job ad, using Monster Studios.

Download your free copy

To read why Recruiters must be marketeers, and other articles, you red below or you can download your free copy of Raconteur’s Future of HR report here.

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