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Looking to Hire Graduates?

Looking to Hire Graduates?

An effective graduate recruitment strategy is a cost-effective way to grow. Whether you’re opening up a Graduate Scheme, or are looking to tap into educated talent, making the right hire can be tricky.

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High Value – High Retention

Employers can worry that graduate turnover will be high. The concern is that you train grads then they might leave, so not deliver the return on investment. The reality is that graduate retention is high. The average length of stay in a graduate first job is four and a half years.

Casting a Wider Net

Think wider than degree subject when creating your talent pipeline. Being unnecessarily specific at an early stage will cost you opportunities. If your role requires quantitative analysis, don’t limit it to accounting, finance or maths degrees. Graduates in Physics, Chemistry and even other subjects like music will have applicable skills.

Hire for attitude – train for skills.

This will somewhat vary by sector. In some STEM roles, especially, the degree subject will be a requirement. Giving credit beyond the academic can make for more rounded employees. Top of the staff may not be those who were top of the class. Whose extra-curricular activities suggest good inter-personal skills, teamwork, communication and ethics?
Remember – These factors may not be obvious at the CV stage

Progression Planning

The graduates your hire this year are the foundation for the future success of your company. Find the right balance between their malleability into your culture and allowing their fresh perspectives to influence your business as well. Offering graduate hires a clear progression path build loyalty from long term relationships.

Monster has a range of solutions suitable for your graduate recruitment strategy. Looking to find out what’s available? Call us today on 0800 781 4377