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Camera Shy? You can still create great Video Job Ads!

Camera Shy? You can still create great Video Job Ads!

Lots of us are budding directors: but not everyone is comfortable in front of the Camera – and that’s fine! It doesn’t mean your recruitment needs to miss out on the big benefits video brings.

Video increases the visibility, memorability and response of your recruitment marketing. In fact – Job ads that include video get over four times the engagement .With MonsterStudios, you get the benefit of this, for free, in your recruitment marketing.

Create Video Job Ads without being on Camera

Let someone else take the stage! 

If you are feeling a little camera shy – are there camera-confident colleagues available? Maybe members of the team could do a short “day in the life” or a tour of this office? Could the hiring manager have a chat on camera about what a great candidate will look like for the role? – A hiring manager interview makes candidates 46% more likely to consider the job. 

A picture is worth 1,000 words. 

It’s easy to make your video as a narrated slide-show. Create a voice-over in the app, then follow some simple steps to import full-screen pictures. These could be of the work environment, team or even products. You can also make use of full-screen captions in the video to easily add text. 

Recycle another video. 

You can import videos. Why not use or all or part of an existing video from your company. Has a colleague made an excellent overview of the company for another role? You can import and use that in your jobs too! Do you have a tremendous existing video on your company youtube channel or site? Make use of that in your job ad. 

Give it a go – you can always delete! 

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create natural, professional content with the app’s teleprompter. There is nothing to remember -look naturally straight to your phone camera as you read the words. You can always give it a go – you can delete, re-take or put a slide-show over the video. 

These are just some ideas that show how even if you are camera-shy, make your job adverts stand out from the crowd with engaging video content! Find out more here.

We can’t wait to see what you create!