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5 Steps to attract the best talent for your company

5 Steps to attract the best talent for your company

How to attract the best talent for your company

We all understand the importance of having great people working for us. With a talented and motivated team on board, your business is far more likely to be successful. This means recruiting and obtaining the right people for your business is just as vital as managing finances and generating sales.

To attract the best candidates, it’s important you understand what motivates and inspires employees to invest in your company. Candidates aren’t just looking for the highest salary when they’re considering an organisation!

Here are some steps from Monster, to help you attract the best talent for your company:


Build your brand on social media

Social media has emerged as a hugely powerful medium in recent years and it can be used as an effective recruitment tool for your company. With 75% of candidates researching a company’s social channels before applying for a job opening, it’s essential you keep on top of this. You want to ensure that your social media presences looks professional, but also make sure you’re showcasing the extra perks that you offer such as summer away days. If you are not harnessing the power of social media for your company’s recruitment then you are likely to be missing out on a host of top talent.

Clear job description

A job description may be the first thing a prospective employee sees about your business, so you need to make sure you get it right. Often, job descriptions are simply an exhaustive list of duties and expectations whereas the focus really needs to be on what you can offer the candidate. Make sure you are clearly highlighting the extra perks that go with the job e.g. flexible working, early finishes on a Friday, company socials. These extra details can be the difference between a candidate applying for your company or going elsewhere.

Add Video to your advert

To attract good candidates you need to engage with them – they want to work for companies they connect with, and engage with opportunities in a format they prefer – video. Video increases time spent on adverts, grabbing attention, and can increase the quality of your hires. Adding a free Monster Studios video to your job ad is an easy way to showcase your employer brand, team, values and the great opportunity. Simply download the app, write your script, record , edit and post.  Find out more here

Quick responses

Many companies fall into the trap of waiting weeks after the closing date for applications to respond to the applicants. You should be trying to reply to applicants within 48 hours and get interviews set-up within a week. With the market as it is currently, talented candidates looking for new roles are having back to back interviews and can often be choosing from multiple offers. The quicker you act, the more professional you will appear and give you the best chance of securing the right candidate for you.

Refining the interview process

As mentioned above it is likely that the applicants will be interviewing elsewhere so you need to make sure your interview process is refined. Good candidates are no dummies either, they’ll know when they have been given a bad or sloppy interview. You want to ensure you are putting your best people in front of the applicants you want as they are effectively selling your company with everything they say and do.

For more advice on how to make your business attractive for prospective employees, visit the Monster website here.