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Set Your Recruitment Resolutions for 2020

Set Your Recruitment Resolutions for 2020

The New Year is a prime time for recruitment, and for resolutions. January is a fresh start for everyone and that means new careers for some. This is a crucial time for recruitment so you need to ensure that you’re prepared and don’t fall behind competitors. Here are some new year recruitment resolution ideas to help you succeed –

Stand out from the crowd

If your job advert stands out from the crowd, it’s more likely to be responded to. Job adverts are the perfect chance to showcase everything that’s great about your organisation. So your ads need to clearly show what’s important for applicants. Consider everything from company culture, to work perks, to salary expectations. Lay out your advert in an easy to read format so applicants can digest the information that’s important to them quickly. With most job searches now on mobile devices, candidates are more likely to apply if they get all the information they need in a matter of seconds.

‘Monster Studios’ our mobile app allows your recruitment and HR teams to easily record, edit and publish video job ads from their smartphone in minutes. It’s free, and boosts response. You can also add in existing corporate videos. Video job ads communicate your workplace culture, highlight your company’s values and engage with candidates who are used to online video being the key way to take in new information.

Define, Measure and Adapt

To build on what works, you need to understand what works. This is the perfect time to  re-evaluate the way you’re reaching target applicants, and how you measure success. Are you searching online, through agencies, or via traditional routes such as business journals, job/career fairs? How can you tell what worked best for you last year. Are you measuring hire quality? What is most cost-effective for your company? If you are not finding the  hires you need in in the active market how can you reach them? Monster’s Power Job Ads allow you to connect with your target market in a quick and seamless way. It automatically matches and distributes your job ad to qualified candidates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allowing you to receive more quality applications for your business.

Research your hiring competitors

The last thing you want to do is push out a new recruitment campaign only to find your competitor has done a similar campaign but two weeks before you. Look at what they have done in previous years to ensure you don’t inadvertently replicate their work. This should also give you an indication of how they tend to advertise, whether it is through online ads, TV or adverts in newspapers. Remember your hiring competitors may differ from your commercial competitors. Who else is after the talent you need?

Be flexible with your interview schedule

Most applicants will already be busy working. Having a flexible attitude to interview times and dates will help you see the best candidates. It also shows the applicant you are willing to accommodate their needs and immediately creates a positive impression. If you have set unmovable times and dates for your interviews you run the risk of missing top applicants who will go elsewhere. Could interviewing at the weekend or in the evenings present opportunities with candidates your competition can’t see?