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Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator

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We've partnered with salary researchers PayScale to offer you a comprehensive tool that will help you evaluate what your new, or current, employees should be getting paid.

You can go straight ahead and use the tool below to get information on what a job is worth or request a free report from Payscale which will give you more detailed information about the role you are interested in.

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Please note:


  • If your specific job title can't be matched, you will see a list of related roles where you will be able to select the one that is most appropriate.
  • If your location can't be matched or if there is not enough local data to provide comprehensive graphs, you will see information for your chosen role as a UK average. If you still require more detailed information, clear the form and try a broader location or a more common job function.
  • By selecting 'Add Years Experience' and clicking 'Next' you will be taken through to the the full PayScale survey which will allow you get more detailed information for the role in question including average bonuses and benefits.
  • The information provided by PayScale is gathered from over 200,000 UK individuals who have completed their salary survey. The information is refreshed weekly so you always see current data.

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