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Retail Job Description Sample

Retail Job Description Sample

This Retail sample job description can be used to help you create a job advert that will attract candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Job Title: Retail

Retail Job Purpose:

Facilitating the sale of products or services in an online or physical retail store location. Stocking, organising, presenting, marketing, and selling goods to customers in the store and over the phone.

Retail Job Duties:

  • Opening the store at the beginning of operating hours and closing it at the end of operating hours
  • Scanning items for customers and making sure they found what they were looking for
  • Operating a cash register
  • Counting out the correct change when tendering cash
  • Cleaning and maintaining the store floor and warehouse space
  • Monitoring inventory
  • Stocking shelves when a product is running out
  • Ordering more stock when there is a shortage in the warehouse
  • Communicating with customers over the phone and in person, answering all questions they have about products and the store
  • Keeping aware of what types of products are in the store and making recommendations to customers
  • Recommending another store location or helpful alternative when the store doesn't carry the product a customer is looking for
  • Deferring to store management when a customer issue proves too difficult to handle alone
  • Following procedures like dress code, customer etiquette, safety regulations, and other precautions and requirements
  • Lifting heavy items when necessary
  • Engaging in appropriate behaviour at all times, representing the business in a positive light
  • Processing returned items
  • Completing tasks as delegated by a superior such as a store manager

Retail Skills and Qualifications:

Sales, Customer Service, Communication, Team Player, Independent Worker, Attention to Detail, Cashier Experience, Cleaning, Organisation, Product Knowledge, Stocking, Inventory, Helpfulness


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