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Purchasing Job Description Sample

Purchasing Job Description Sample

This purchasing sample job description can be used to help you create a job advert that will attract candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Job Title: Purchasing

Purchasing Job Purpose:

Makes sure business maintains an adequate supply of necessary materials. Organises materials and helps in negotiating the best price. Helps to manage overall inventory.

Purchasing Job Duties:

  • Keeps up to date on the company's needs in order to order supplies when they are necessary
  • Performs comparison shopping and negotiations to secure lower prices on materials the company needs
  • Seeks out high-quality products that will help the company operate smoothly and reach its goals
  • Operates as a key member of a purchasing team
  • Prepares reports and communicates with management about offered prices on products to obtain final approval for purchases
  • Keeps an eye on inventory and makes orders or puts a hold on automatic orders if on-hand supplies call for doing so
  • Coordinates with company branches in different locations to make sure each branch receives cost-effective supplies in a timely manner
  • Uses a keen understanding of the industry to know which supplies are most important and where to look for reliable, reasonably priced suppliers
  • Works well under tight deadlines
  • Negotiates faster-than-usual delivery of needed items so the company's operations go uninterrupted
  • Keeps a highly organised schedule
  • Constantly looks for ways to cut back on the company's expenses
  • Works well as a member of the team and communicates with team members about the progress on certain projects

Purchasing Skills and Qualifications:

Highly Organised, Motivated, Basic Math Skills, Excellent Negotiation and Communication Skills, Team Player, Understanding of Industry, Experience, Enthusiastic, Disciplined, Works Well Under Pressure, Adaptable, Self-Starter, Decisive, Ability to Multitask, Goal Oriented


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