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Information Technology Support Manager Job Description Sample

Information Technology Support Manager Job Description Sample


This IT Support Manager sample job description can be used to help you create a job advert that will attract candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Job Title: IT Support Manager

IT Support Manager Job Purpose

Supervises information technology (IT) support staff; oversees computer system and software maintenance and repair; assists with computer equipment purchasing and installation; and maintains networks and connectivity for users.

IT Support Manager Job Duties

  • Coordinates training and orientation for new technology users and helps them become familiar with equipment and networks
  • Ensures all users benefit from effective technology and efficient Internet access, and continually assesses needs and requirements
  • Organises support, troubleshooting, and repair for IT equipment and networks
  • Monitors online security for users and networks and takes appropriate steps to address security breaches if necessary
  • Establishes relationships with technology and component vendors
  • Oversees IT support department staff, including education, training, and call centre specialists.
  • Advises human resources colleagues on staffing needs and participates in the hiring and training process
  • Manages departmental budget and tracks spending on equipment and staff
  • Develops and maintains emergency plans to address equipment, power, or security failure to ensure preservation of technology and data
  • Has a thorough understanding of available technology and researches to learn about innovative solutions and new releases
  • Attends and presents at trade shows and technology showcases to remains up-to-date regarding new developments
  • Offers specialised expertise in IT demands for a particular industry, such as education, finance, or manufacturing

IT Support Manager Skills and Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a Related Field, Experience with Computers and Networks, Leadership, Management, Staffing, Written and Verbal Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Computers, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, Working Under Pressure, Ability to Meet Goals.


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