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Cashier Job Description Sample

Cashier Job Description Sample

This Cashier sample job description can be used to help you create a job advert that will attract candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Job Title: Cashier

Cashier Job Purpose:

Rings up customers and helps them pay for their store purchases. Helps customers find desired items within the shop.

Cashier Job Duties:

  • Performs monetary transactions using a cash register or computerized payment system
  • Accepts cash and counts out the correct change
  • Scans credit cards
  • Checks to make sure all cash tendered is not counterfeit
  • Counts the till at the end of the shift to make sure the amount tendered is correct
  • Troubleshoots the possible causes of an incorrect till count
  • Reports an incorrect till count using the proper paperwork or computer process
  • Tells customers about special offers and featured items
  • Assists customers with finding items and having a desirable checkout experience
  • Has a general knowledge of product pricing and place in the shop
  • Scans coupons
  • Directs customer inquiries to other staff if unable to answer them satisfactorily
  • Issues receipts to customers for their purchases
  • Bags cash for transfer to a vault or bank
  • Wears a uniform or dresses in proper business attire
  • Scans products or enters necessary codes if a scan isn't possible
  • Bags products, trying not to make bags too heavy or crush fragile products
  • Helps customers carry heavy merchandise and load it into their vehicles
  • Issues refunds for returned items
  • Accepts alternative forms of currency such as cheques, traveller's cheques, etc.
  • Answers calls to the store and directing them as needed
  • Checks pricing on products that have missing or damaged labels

Cashier Skills and Qualifications:

Attention to Detail, Trust, Calculation, Communication, Positive Attitude, Customer Interaction, Product Knowledge, Friendliness, Promotion, Following Instructions, Helpfulness


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