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Care Assistant Job Description Sample

Care Assistant Job Description Sample

This Care Assistant sample job description can assist in your creating a job spec that will attract candidates who are qualified for the role. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Job Title: Care Assistant

Care Assistant Job Purpose: Providing care to patients by minding, developing, monitoring, and evaluating care and facilities.

Care Assistant Job Duties:

  • Meeting patient and their families to inform them of the role of the Care Assistant; commencing the care plan; offering information regarding treatments, procedures, prescriptions, and continuing care.
  • Participating in interdisciplinary meetings to develop care plans in conjunction with other care providers; ensuring smooth care plan advancement; promoting peer support; educating colleagues on case management practises.
  • Supervising quality and delivery of care by carrying out patient rounds; documenting care and  progress towards desired care outcome; identifying and correcting digression from the documented plan of care; reviewing progress with patients in conjunction with the principal care provider; working alongside external departments to agree and expedite tests, procedures, and consultations; reporting staff and performance concerns to the manager; maintaining communication with operation staff regarding deviation from the care plan or transfer/release plan.
  • Measuring effectiveness of plan by evaluating the results of care with the interdisciplinary team; providing care improvement recommendations.
  • Act in accordance with with hospital and legal requirements; fostering treatment practices and standards of care that comply to the values of the hospital and nursing division; observance of governing regulations.
  • Follows policies and procedures to prevent the spread of diseases and illnesses amongst self, colleagues, and patients.
  • Maintaining patient confidentiality and respecting the rights of patients.
  • Creating and implementing organisation procedures to maintain quality standards.
  • Recording patient information in the patient care database as it becomes available; backing up data; validating findings and reports.
  • Continually improves industry and technical knowledge by attending professional workshops; reviewing trade publications; building professional networks; familiarising oneself with new practices.

Skills/Qualifications: Legal Compliance, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Verbal Communication, Patient Services, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Building, Coordination, Scheduling, Listening, Teamwork, Persuasion

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