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Don’t Lose More Time, More Talent, Momentum.   

Don’t Lose More Time, More Talent, Momentum.   

What can recruiters do right now, with so much still uncertain?    

Not all hiring has stopped, but it has slowed.  Many recruiters might be coming back from furlough, but still not sure about who they will be hiring and when. There will probably be a cautious staggered release to lockdown over the summer months, but there’s much to be decided, and much out of our control.  We look at some things recruiters can be doing now to help prepare for recovery.  

We Can Only Be Certain There Will Be Change

We don’t know exactly what the world of work will look like later in the year. That doesn’t mean we can’t plan. If anything, it makes it more important to prepare. If we have prepared, with realistic expectations, we can even be a little optimistic. But if you wait until the market ‘feels normal’ to start working on vacancies, you might lose more time, more talent and momentum than you can afford.    

Maintain Momentum    

If there is an open role, you should already be actively working it. If there’s not, you should still build your network and pipeline. Be honest – if there isn’t a position right now, don’t give false hope. Keep your employer brand out there – a buzz on social media about why you are and will be, an excellent employer.  Expect candidates to be taking into consideration how you make them feel now. If you’ve had to pause recruitment, keep in touch with your pipeline –  even if it’s simply to explain that hiring is paused because you are looking after your current employees.  

Reset your Mindset    

It’s hard to see how we can avoid significant unemployment, but it will be unevenly distributed across industries. While on the whole we expect lower hiring competition, again this will depend on the roles you are hiring for. While you are pivoting from a ‘candidate led’ supply/demand market, as anyone who was hiring in 2008 will tell you – this will be different, but not easier.  An increase in volume of candidates generally does not necessarily mean easy access to the skills you need. 

In fact, finding the best talent among a bigger pool of applicants can add even more time to your process. Review every step of your shortlisting process to see if any efficiencies can be made – screening questionnaires, ATS tweaks and more may help you deal with an increased volume. As some industries contract and others grow, it will be worth putting an extra focus on transferable skills. Your current roles may still face a skills shortage – what contracting industries will produce candidates that could quickly adapt quickly and succeed?    

Video Interviewing, on-boarding, training and more 

With many candidates now very comfortable with video conferencing, video interviewing will be expected and often welcomed. That requires more than just downloading Google meet – check out our 6 step guide to video interviewing here The lockdown has not stopped hiring altogether, and many companies have already embraced a fully remote process. New hires can been interviewed, meet the team be trained and start working remotely without ever meeting in person.  Think about how remote access will impact things that aren’t ‘day-job’ activities. Does your company have the procedures for training, promotions, disciplinary and other meetings that will be changing? Don’t wait until it’s an urgent requirement, or after a hire has been made, to consider it.      


You may have seen the meme going round, with a suggested interview question for candidates to ask.

interview Question

It’s one of many valid questions, so be prepared with honest answers. Candidates will want to know not only what you did, but what are future plans. Are you phasing employees back into physical locations? Are you planning tape on floor, barriers, masks, lift-button disinfectant and staged entry times? You may not have all the plans in place yet, but be aware of concerns. Being able to assure them you will follow guidelines and put safety first, will be reassuring.

Head Start 

Even if you can’t bring new employees on board right now, if you have been able to network, interview, protect your reputation, demonstrate your values and prepare for return to work, then as things do settle in to a new normal, you can make final decisions sooner, winning the talent your business needs for the new normal. Keeping some momentum up now will give you a head start.