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Looking to Hire Graduates?

Six Steps to Successful Video Interviewing - Business Continuity

Use These Six Values To Build An Effective Employer Brand

How to Write Job Adverts With Diversity and Inclusion

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Entry Level Interview Questions for Candidate Selection

Entry level job seekers often lack a job history, which can make it difficult to discern their job skills. But by knowing how to interview, and by asking appropriate entry level interview questions, you can better assess soft skills and match the right candidate with the job requirements. Generation Y Candidate Selection Generation Y candidates […]

How to Make an Employee Gender Transition Plan

Diverse workplaces financially outperform the competition and are more likely to attract top talent. A crucial part of creating your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy is to make sure LGBTQ+ employees and job candidates feel supported. As you’re establishing inclusive transgender HR policies, it’s helpful to create an employee gender transition plan. Here’s […]

Hiring Transgender Employees: 7 Tips

According to Monster’s Future of Work Report, two-thirds of employers have DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) strategies in place, and the top priority is gender-related issues. One of the biggest areas of focus? How to create inclusive recruiting and HR practices when interviewing and hiring transgender workers. As an increasing number of transgender candidates come […]

Looking to Hire Graduates?

An effective graduate recruitment strategy is a cost-effective way to grow. Whether you’re opening up a Graduate Scheme, or are looking to tap into educated talent, making the right hire can be tricky. Monster has launched a new site to attract graduate candidates: We give them advice, information, support – and directing them to […]

Different hiring strategies for supply-chain roles

Companies need to adopt different hiring strategies for these in-demand supply-chain occupations. We’ve analysed the market and identified four key roles that are in high demand in the Supply-Chain, Warehousing, Logistics and Delivery sector. We look at some of the challenges recruiters have for these roles, and suggest strategies. Warehouse Operatives and Picker / Packers […]

Sector Analysis: Supply Chain - Warehousing, Logistics and Delivery

Supply-chain, Warehousing, Logistics and Delivery recruitment impacts many businesses. From those pivoting to, or increasing, deliveries, to anyone with physical stock that needs stored, managed and moved. We give an overview of recruitment for these occupations, including the different strategies companies will need to employ for different roles. In Quarter four, the normal higher seasonal […]

Diversity - The Unrealised Potential of Workers with Disabilities.

Monster recently provided advice for the student ‘career corner’ at City College Peterborough: This guest blog post from Assistant Principal Tasha Dalton-Winterton highlights that workers with disabilities still face stigma in entering the workforce: At City College Peterborough – Study programmes, we work with and support young people to educate them with the skills and […]

UK Candidate Survey - Coming out of Lockdown

UK Lockdown Survey A survey among over 2,600 UK employees and job-seekers conducted by Monster reveals how employee values and motivations have changed since the start of lockdown. We identify: 11 things that are important to candidates 6 values you need to include in an effective employer brand 3 things recruiters need to change to […]

SearchMonster Inventory Management

SearchMonster gives you the ability to search for candidates and message them all in one place. We’ll show you how to keep tabs on your inventory so you can get the most out of this powerful tool.