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The Great Resignation

Looking to Hire Graduates?

Use These Six Values To Build An Effective Employer Brand

How to Write Job Adverts With Diversity and Inclusion

Hiring Transgender Employees: 7 Tips

How to Onboard New Hires

It takes time to write a job description, sift through CVs and cover letters, interview candidates, and find the right person for the job. To make sure that hard work pays off it’s important to plan how to onboard, to give your new hire the right support to be successful. A strong onboarding process increases […]

Strategies for a Strong Workplace Mentoring Programme

Many employees come to work with the skills and drive to get the job done but feel like they aren’t reaching their full potential. Others may excel in one area but lack important skills in others. This, in turn, can lead to low satisfaction and retention rates amongst employees, not to mention missed opportunities for […]

Fine-Tune Your Employee Retention Strategy

The last thing a manager wants to hear is one of their star employees saying, “I quit.” Yet it happens all the time. Just because a good employee has or is thinking about leaving doesn’t mean you can’t win them back, which is why you need an employee retention strategy. Competition for top talent seems […]

What Makes an Effective Manager?

Bosses are often the primary reason for people either loving or leaving their jobs. A boss, as Joan Lloyd writes, is the umbilical cord that connects employees to an organisation, and if that cord is damaged, the employees will eventually leave. If you are one of the lucky employees who has a great boss, don’t […]

Virtual Recruitment Strategies

Before COVID-19, some companies already had some virtual recruitment strategies in place, but now, more and more companies are actively recruiting, hiring and on-boarding without ever meeting candidates face to face. The good news is that, thanks to technology, it’s not as hard as you might think to make the shift to virtual recruitment strategies. […]

21 Types of Bosses

Being in charge means that you get noticed. Sometimes that can be for the right reasons, and sometimes not. And being a boss doesn’t necessarily mean you are a leader. Here’s a list of 21 different types of bosses: 1. The Martyr Boss The martyr boss has done, does, and always will do anything for […]

Best Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

You worked hard on your job posting, including specifics about the role and desired qualifications, and captured the attention of several highly qualified candidates. They look good on paper, but how do you know for sure which applicant is The One? It is not a straightforward process but determining which interview questions to ask candidates […]

7 Stay Interview Questions to Ask Your Employees

A stay interview is when you speak with current employees to get feedback on what they like about their job and working at your company—and what could be improved. If you successfully implement what you learn, insightful stay interview questions will help you retain top talent and fine-tune your recruitment process. Think of this as […]

Social Media Recruiting: Understand the Legal Guidelines

There’s no question that social media is changing the way business works—and the trend goes well beyond marketing. Savvy companies are looking to social media trends to assist with their recruiting and hiring. Lest you think social media is too complicated or just a phase, remember, a decade ago, using background screening to help with […]

Sending an Interview Confirmation Email

Finding qualified candidates to fill an open position at your company is like having another full-time job. You have to determine exactly what your needs are, write a compelling job description, sort through dozens—sometimes hundreds—of CVs, and then set up interviews with your top picks. Even if you feel like you have exhausted all your […]