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Planning a Job Search

Expert advice on planning an effective job search, assessing which career options are right for you, and tips on how to network effectively.

Get What You Deserve With Monster In Your Corner

Putting the Monster back into Monster… Sometimes you need someone in your corner to get the job, career advice or talent you deserve. Talent of the UK let us introduce you to Monster! Employers of the UK please meet Monster.

5 New Year career resolutions

Here are our five top New Year's career resolutions that you could take to make sure you get what you want in January.

Now Hiring on Monster

Monster is the UK's best jobs website. Here are some fantastic job opportunities on the market right now. You can apply through Monster. Visit the jobsite now!

Networking without the cringe-factor

Networking might not be your thing but it's something you'll have to get used to at some point in your career. Here's how to network without the cringe-factor.